Sunday, 22 March 2009

Really ill at the minute.
Saw one of my kittens today,
She's absolutely gorgeous!
Black with perfect white socks.
She's going to be called widdy.
I know thats a ridiculous name,
It was just a nickname for untill we got her and named her properly but it's really stuck and i can't imagine calling her anything else.
She's absolutely tiny with bright blue eyes ♥
Also went to the breeder to see about baby no.2,
silver bengal boy (god willing) he's not even been born yet!
due 10th april!
I'm really excited if you can't tell.
left a deposit and i will get the pick of the litter as we were first :]
Bought some cute stuff for them.
Maybe post again but feeling dreadful.

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Sunday, 15 March 2009


I'm getting a kitten!
A girl.
Really need to post more but quite busy!


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Tuesday, 10 March 2009

I'm so excited!

I had an awesome weird day today.
I went to a college interview with my sister,
Got talking to the tutor, an maybe have bagged myself a place on the same course!
It will be so cool if i get on it because i get on with my sister really well.
And also i never thought of doing buisness administration!?
Apparently its the starting point of what i'd love to do,
Join the police :D

I have to write a piece about myself to assess my writing and lieracy skills (seeing as i have no formal qualifications) :/
It's a bit worrying but i'm sure it will be fine!
Also made an appointment to discuss other courses i can do while on this one.
Eeeee i'm nervous now!

The college is nice though.
I might post my piece if im feeling confident!
I hate showing people stuff like that though.

Ahh well happy days!
Also FINALLY bought some make-up.
Got a really nice lipstick from the boots natural collection,
A gorgeous gold eyeshadow for £3.00!!
And the usual mascara.

Will show on next post.
And maybe try out a new look with the eyeshadow.
Off for a lovely bubble bath now.


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Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Catch up!

Oh dear!
I've just realised i haven't posted in ages.
When infact i have a lot to say!
I've just been busy and also a bit ill... again.
This post is personal heavy!
So if you're not interested in my non make-up-y things dont read on.

First of all,
Last weekend was a complete wash-out!
I ended up looking after mylittle brother till gone 2 in the morning because he was a little intoxicated.
Then me and luke had a bit of a tiff.
I'm also flat broke at the minute which really really sucks.
I'm really hungry!
Might lose a couple of pounds?
On a nicer note,
I had completely ran out of mascara and was supposed to be going out the other night,
I'm a mascara fiend! i would refuse to go out if i didnt have mascara.
(by this i mean a night out, i'd be fine in the day!)
My little sister bought me one on her lunchbreak.
Today me and Luke are going into Kettering to have a look around,
Which should be nice!
No spending half an hour in Boots and Superdrug though!
Luke's one of those typical guys who HATES shopping.
There's more i had to say but i can't remember it,
And Luke's here now!
So on a final and completely pointless note...
Enjoy the gorgeousness of Charlie Hunnam.
(I watched Green Street last night and it reminded me of how fit he is :D)

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Thursday, 26 February 2009

How annoying.

This is probably way to picky and boring for anyone to read,
Today i noticed i had my first follower.
Yay! ♥
But then i noticed how ugly the new followers widget thingy looks,
It has links and an add all over it and it looks horrible.
I'm way to pedantic over stuff like that but BOO!
Not a fan.

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Wednesday, 25 February 2009


I finally got my body shop haul a few days ago.

(Thanks to Luke's dad!)
Sooo pleased!
Lots of nice things to play with :]
Now i'm just after the lip balm and the illuminating moisturiser from the range.
The Bodyshop gift vouchers i'm rumoured to be getting for my birthday will buy me this...

I smelled this when i went to leicester the other day and went to the giant shopping center,
seriously one of the nicest perfumes i've smelled in a while.
Dying to get my hands on some and it's a bargain too!
Bye for now!

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Tuesday, 17 February 2009

My faceeeee.

Using NOTHING but cheap (good quality) make up products.
To be honest, i'm sick of being told to use really expensive brands.
Don't get me wrong,
I really love using expensive, quality products,
When i can afford it,
But right now it's beauty on a budget.
So i used every cheap but great quality product i have used many a time before.
(Probably best for those who live in the uk due to drugstore brands)

Please note, the pictures are of the product and may not be the same shade as i used, there just to show you what the products look like :]

What i used:
Avon Invisible Light Illuminating Make Up Base: £4.00
(I find this stuff brilliant, it leaves your skin feeling like silk and creates a nice illuminated base for your foundation)

Collection 2000 smoothly radiant foundation #01 soft honey: about £3.99?

(This is a light to medium coverage foundation and is great for evening out skin tone, if you suffer with blemishes and or spots i would use a concealer too. but for the price, who cares?)

No 17 Skin Awakening blush (the only shade) (Excellent pigment, a bright candy pink colour) £1.89 might have been on offer?

No7 Quick Cover Blemish Stick: £7.30 #03 fair

Absolutely excellent concealer, melts right into skin and gives great coverage
Velvety to the touch and completely combats any sign of redness.

Color trend pencil play eyeliner: £2.75 in green

(quite good pigemnt and the shade is lovely, they have more good shades to choose from, would definatelyreccomend

All over eyelid:
Avon Glazewear Diamonds Eye Colour in Gold foil: £5.00 or any 2 mix and match for £7.50

(Liquid eyeshadow with lovely light shimmery gold colour very subtle or can be built up for more drama)

Inner corners:
Collection 2000 The Highlighter #3 Copacabana Found for £1.50 but ranges upto about £4.00

(Creamy shimmer stick that is very multipurpose and can be used on eyes lips and cheeks. Lovely pale gold colour and lasts forever.)

Crease and outer corners:
Miss sporty fabulous eye shadow #118 emotion: £2.44
(darkish matte brown colour that is great for blending, takes more building up for more dramatic look but a good staple and lots of nice shades)
sorry no picture.

Rimmel magnifeyes mascara in black £6.84

(The trick with this mascara is to be careful with the brush, it has sort of plastic bristles and they do snap easily but if you are careful it lasts the distance. very thick and easy to build, lengthens as well as volumises. good for the money, infact there have been times where i have reached for this over expensive brands)

Avon Arabian Glow Liquid Lip Balm in Coral Sands: £5.00 mix and match 2 for £8.00

(very thick sheer candy pink coloured gloss, even when the gloss has started to come off you are left with a shimmery pink colour which is nice, lips always feel smooth after using this.

So there we go,
Cosmetics don't have to be expensive and i actively use all the products listed.
Save yourself some money!

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